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I have been a client of Beverly Bedard’s since 2007.  I initially started to see her for regular Massage Therapy Treatments.  She was able to help me with a reoccurring lower back injury that would flare up from time to time.  Not only would her treatments help alleviate the pain that would come and go, but she provided knowledge on stretching techniques and simple exercises I could do on my own.     I had a total breakthrough towards my health and wellness when Beverly asked me to be a Case Study Participant for CSNN Students. She shared her concerns regarding my results in a professional, caring manner that ultimately turned out to be a huge wake up call for me, and my current lifestyle at the time.  Beverly took the time to not only provide me with meal recipes and cooking instructions, but also joined me on a visit to the local grocery store. During this ‘field trip”, Beverly very clearly and thoroughly taught me about how to read food labels, nutrition facts, identify food ingredients, and gave me insight to what certain foods/ingredients ultimately do to our bodies.  I stress that this is something I had never given any consideration towards in my life prior to completing the case study she asked me to take part in.   After gaining knowledge from Beverly on the above topics, I then very randomly began a weight loss journey that ultimately saw me loose a total of 55lbs in 6 months.  Beverly was a great support during my journey, and was constantly providing me with tips on proper nutrition, and injury prevention techniques.  Today I can admit that I feel 110% more active, positive, and proactive towards all areas of my life.     I thank my friend Beverly Bedard for not only believing in me, but starting me out on a very simple non-judgmental awareness of my body, stress management, diet/nutrition, and positive thinking approach to improving my character.  Today I have my self-esteem, humility, spirituality, and ultimately love for myself like never before.  I could not have achieved such without her suggestions, support, and knowledge to assist in the process.  “Recovery is a Journey, not a Destination.”  
– Darren D, Edmonton, AB
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